Equestrian events are remarkable sporting spectacles which are defined in equal part by strength, speed, and endurance. At the heart of each performance is the incredible relationship between horse and rider as they work together to achieve competitive perfection. We are able to provide timekeeping and scoring solutions for the world’s leading equestrian events, including show jumping and dressage.

Show Jumping

The excitement of show jumping has generated an enormous fan base over the years. It is truly thrilling to watch these extraordinary horses jump a series of obstacles with heights of up to 1.6 metres and spreads of up to 2 metres.

Our timing and scoring system allows for all penalties and destruction of obstacles to be accurately recorded with each penalty for each participating show jumper.


Dressage has been described as the ballet of equestrian events due to the elegance both the horse and rider brings.  In a competition, a horse’s training is demonstrated through the performance of tests and a series of movements ridden within a standard arena. Each of these movements is evaluated on the basis of an objective standard.

Our scoring consoles are connected to the timing room which collect the marks provided by the judges based on each individuals performance.