SMART I Innovative  Ι  Precise  Ι  Consistent

tripleSdata SMART suite of Solutions sets the highest standard of precision and reliability in real-time positioning and timing. Highly accurate live streaming of race positioning data with real time co-ordinates, live feeds and replays become lively and appealing to a broader audience. Our SMART suite is specifically designed to meet the information gathering requirements of racing jurisdictions throughout the world.



Precision Time

Individual timing and sectionals, speed, stride length and acceleration collected live

GPS and Local
Positioning Tracking

Accurate live tracking with Global or Local Positioning Systems

Real Time
Data Output

Technical information delivered to mobile devices, external data interfaces and printed outputs


Real time analysis of physical and psychological aspects with an insight to heart rate, speed, stride length and rhythm

Sophisticated Photo
Finish Cameras

Seamless integration of photo finish cameras providing user friendly, tamper-proof images on your desktop in seconds


Real time positioning and timing data transmitted live to TV and web broadcasts

Live Mobile

Watch, control and replay live races and training data on any Windows, IOS or Android devices

Information Systems

Efficient and economical solutions creating logical connections to competition venues and event management

Thoroughbred Racing

Real time precision

  • Advanced and proven GNSS/GPS technology showcased on race tracks across the globe providing real-time positioning within fractions of a second
  • Impressive range of data including 3D positioning, speed, acceleration, stride length and heart rate streamed live
  • Real time virtual graphics with the provision of data to mobile applications

Greyhound Racing

Real time tracking

  • Advanced RTTS technology accurately determining speed, acceleration and deceleration with maximum velocity and a range of other available metrics used to fine tune racing
  • Accurately track the greyhound’s position at any point during the race with the impact of interference analysis
  • Lightweight technology housed within a specially developed silicon pouch in the racing rugs

Harness Racing

Real time kinematic

  • Real-time kinematic technology enhances the precision of the position data derived from satellite-based positioning systems providing up to centimetre level accuracy
  • Each position is calculated from the signal received by the tag via GPS satellites
  • Optimized accuracy and timing resolution

SMART Timing

Result Applications

  • Range of services that communicate results to all interested parties: media, event organisers, customers, punters, trainers and jockeys
  • Live and real time deliverables
  • Unparalleled experience in timekeeping with committment to the art of measuring times with precision and reliability

Precision Services

Accurate information delivery

  • Live and fully automated information platforms
  • Leaders in photo-finish cameras and fully automated race timing systems
  • Data streaming from multiple sources in real-time
  • Comprehensive commentator information service applications
  • Empower clients and engage spectators with real time broadcast graphics

Our achievements so far...

billion data points collected
race days per year
thousand race animals timed and tracked
million sectional times collected


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