About Us

We are pioneers in the sports data industry, offering cutting edge and next generation technology that is fully automated and in real-time.

Live horse racing data giants agree landmark merger…

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tripleSdata was created because we found a disconnection between the analysis collected for real-time data, and it’s interpretation when merged with the appropriate technology – there was a significant time delay and potential wagering opportunities were not being realised.

Offering one solution with one common platform, tripleSdata operates globally to collect a variety of sporting data. We shape and streamline the data in to bespoke formats and enhance the experience for broadcasters and spectators.

If there’s one constant in technology, it’s change. We fully understand and are equipped for the risks and complex challenges involved. An obsession with data, combined with our technical and practical expertise, means we offer innovative solutions with fast implementation. We constantly ask how digital technology can drive transformative growth to help our clients and their industries gain a competitive advantage.


A little bit about us….

Carlos Santo – CEO & Co-Founder

My career has taken me full circle. Beginning in IT and managing, for IBM, one of the most prestigious events Australia has ever hosted – the 2000 Olympic Games – I now find myself leading my own IT business once again capturing historical sporting events. In between, my entrepreneurial spirit has led me to various business opportunities including retail and real estate.

I am passionate (actually, obsessive!) about data and its potential for improving customer experiences and sporting ability.

I have learned that the sporting industry is well aligned to my values – always striving to be at your best, and a commitment to doing what you love, rather than simply what feels safe. And when it comes to customer service, I am Old School. Good is never good enough. Much like the elite sporting industries and individuals I am now proud and privileged to support.


Sebastian Scholz – CTO & Co-Founder 

With a commitment to engineering excellence and a passion for sports performance and analytics, I am recognized globally for my innovation and providing benchmark analytics for the world’s leading sports and racing industries. 

My passion and encyclopedic knowledge brings colour and life to what we do here at at tripleSdata. I have a strong belief in a culture that leads through innovation and a committment to delivering excellent outcomes and value to our clients, with an uncompromising devotion to deliver the best products and solutions in the market.

As Chief Technology Officer, I am most excited to be a part of a team offering game-changing products through scientifically based research and cutting edge technology.