Harness Racing

Our harness racing solution uses our advanced global and local positioning technology, designed and developed in Germany, the data collected streams harness positioning within hundreds of a second providing punters and spectators with never before seen data in real time.


Each horse is fitted with a satellite based tag which throughout the race it collects and transmits centimetre accurate positioning and motion data.

This unique tag has cutting edge GPS/GNSS technology using multi-band real time kinematic technology. The operating software generates all  reuqired outputs in real time and live streaming to external interfaces.

Key features include:

  • Accurate sectional timing precision down to centimetres
  • Deployable and easily transported to any racecourse
  • Additional features and analysis through 9D motion sensors


The application allows for all outputs with the following features:

  • Permanent rankings and automated sectional times
  • Speed & distance
  • Track record lines
  • Driving out of bounds
  • Careless and tactical driving maneuvers
  • Mile rate
  • Virtual graphic on-screen elements
  • Live on screen broadcasts
  • Birds eye view of field placement


  • Virtual race track environment – position and movement of each Harness
  • Accurate graphical representation of the track in 2D or 3D mode
  • Live and replay modes
  • Starting order, ranking, distance between opponents, speed & time display
  • Post training analytics
  • Harness racing application for punters and audience

Data Interfaces

  • 3D animation app for punters
  • Sky Racing
  • Racing Australia
  • Official timing applications
  • Broadcasters and on course visuals