Precision services

Using the latest timing and positioning technology designed and developed in Germany, we offer maximum security, reliability, and effectiveness for live operations in sports and racing.

Our technology streams from multiple sources and delivers data to stakeholders in real time within fractions of a second. The combined data streams provide jockeys, trainers, owners, media and officials with high-tech content to improve performance, training, spectator engagement and wagering potentials.

Beyond the collection of sports data, we have been processing and presenting data to the public and racing industry stakeholders via data feeds and visualisation tools at all levels. Through this collection and analysis of real-time information, we empower clients with never before seen data.


As part of our operations, we deliver:

  • Real time broadcast graphics
  • Interactive mobile applications
  • Remote and on-site system management
  • Fully customised ‘plug-in’ components
  • Operations, maintenance and support programs
  • Comprehensive data analysis


We are an official distributor for Swiss Timing, a Swatch Group company, whose global reputation is based on an unparalleled range of services and products, and a legacy of innovation as one of the world’s leading sports timekeepers. The same equipment, which flawlessly times the performances of many of the world’s greatest athletes and animals, is available through tripleSdata.


The future is now – every bit of timing & tracking counts



Scope of our services  

We are proud to be associated with the Swiss Timing team and work closely with sports federations, racing organisers and judges, to ensure that services requested are provided at an elite sporting level.

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