Thoroughbred Racing

At tripleSdata we offer solutions for official sectionals with state of the art timing and tracking technologies with live data streaming. Using our advanced global and local positioning technology, designed and developed in Germany, the data streams real time positioning within hundreds of a second. Sectional times, permanent ranking, speed, stride length, distance covered and heart rate are transmitted whilst the race is in progress.

Our One Solution

  • Global positioning systems (GPS) for thoroughbred racing currently used Australia wide, New Zealand and Asia
  • Individual’s time, speed and acceleration is collected in real time
  • High data transmission rate/bandwidth to support ‘live’ real time streaming
  • High degree of disaster recovery built into the platforms
  • Scalable and flexible to enable applications across all tracks

System Key Features


Most accurate sports tag in the world with an accuracy down to 5cm


Sectional timing precision down to 10 milliseconds compared to photo finish cameras

Update Rates

Position and sensor data update up to 100 times per second

Display Rates

Stable and continuous display rate to external clients 50 times per second


Fast data delivery for 'live' streaming and mobile applications down to 200 milliseconds


Ergonomic, robust and small sized tag


Light-weight tag


Easy to deploy mobile system at any racecourse

Global Positioning

Each horse’s position is calculated from the signal received by the tag via available multi band satellite systems.

  • Use of GPS/GNSS correction data to achieve the best possible result
  • Data transmission over local network – free or licensed frequencies
  • Optimized accuracy based on specific filtering
  • High timing resolution
  • Additional features and analysis through 9D motion sensors
  • Mobile solution available
  • Fast and inexpensive solution

Local Positioning System

Each horse’s position is calculated based on triangulation of the signal sent from the tag in the saddle cloth and received from multiple points around the track.

  • Highest accuracy with low latency and high update rate
  • Optimized accuracy based on specific filtering
  • High timing resolution
  • Free system frequency
  • Additional features and analysis through 9D motion sensors

Software Application


Easy to operate software with user-friendly interfaces

Tag Management

Easy tag management with efficient assignment of tags with real time changes


Secured streaming API with a pre-defined set of applications preventing other applications from extracting data

One Solution

Allows for multiple interfaces, race courses & multiple codes

Rail Movements

Initialise rail movements which includes split rails to ensure sectional timing and distance covered accuracy

Accumulated Reports

Accumulated reports for each race and/or session are generated for post-race analysis.


The application allows for all outputs with the following features:

  • Permanent rankings
  • Automated sectional times
  • Speed and distance
  • Track record lines
  • Graphic on-screen elements
  • Live on screen broadcasts
  • Birds eye view of field placement
  • Reports


  • Virtual race track environment – position and movement of each horse
  • Accurate graphical representation of the track in 2D or 3D mode
  • Live and replay modes
  • Starting order, ranking, distance between opponents, speed & time displays
  • Post-training analytics

Official Time Keeping

This new photo finish camera system measures in a thousands of a seconds the times at the finish line. It is designed to meet the wide range of horse racing. The exclusive patented Spatial Alignment system allows the camera to be easily aligned on any finish line.

  • Multiple cameras
  • Camera synchronization with GPS devices
  • Up to 10,000 shots per second with a resolution of 2048 pixels
  • Direct export of high quality images
  • Lens adaptability


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