Timing Solutions

Timekeeping is one of the key components contributing to the excitement of sporting and racing competitions. Without the ability to measure times and distances that separate a winner from the runners-up, competition as we know it would be impossible. 

We are committed to the art of measuring times with precision and reliability using unparalleled technologies that have been implemented in elite sporting and racing events globally.

At tripleSdata we offer a complete suite of the following products:

  • Electronic start systems
  • Starting blocks and false start detection systems
  • Scan’O’Vision photofinish cameras
  • Photoelectric cell technology
  • Transponders
  • Wind measurement technology
  • Quantum and aquatic timers
  • Swimming pool touch pads


Our advice is based on what is best suited to your needs with local knowledge and support.


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The Scan’o’Vision Myria camera is the new photo finish camera system that measures thousands of a second at a finish line. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of sports, including thoroughbred, greyhounds, harness racing, athletics, rowing, cycling and much more. It takes up to 10,000 shots per second with a high resolution of 2048 pixel vertical lines with the corresponding time displayed on each frame.

The exclusive patented spatial alignment system allows the camera to be easily aligned to any finish line with several cameras.


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Photo Finish Camera Features

High Resolution

2048 pixels with speeds up to 10,000 images per second

Margin & Kilometrics

Configurable gap length required in racing and kilometric reduction

Integrated lens

Remote control with two zoom variants 10x or 16x

2D matrix image

Easily align camera to any position with integrated software

Image Adjustment

Automatic or manual image quality adjustment


Precisely identify placements in the field


The PowerTime II is a hand-held timer with integrated printer for various sports and racing competitions. The device is composed of a 24 digits printer and a 4×16 digits LCD. Despite its small size, nothing has been left behind to assure ease and comfort of use for the operator.

PowerTime II features include:

  • High precision and self powered compact timing device
  • Integrated printer
  • Interfaces to scoreboards or starting devices
  • Adaptable to sports, disciplines & race types
  • Memorizes and stores up to 2000 entries


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Anything or anyone that crosses the field of the beam creates an interruption which is instantly triggered to a timing device. The ‘Arges Reflex Photocell’ light beam is a highly precise and timing device which works in extreme meteorological conditions and temperatures.

It’s features includes:

  • Distance between cell and reflector up to 30 metres
  • 2 non-polarized output contacts
  • Adaptable contact selectors
  • Simple and constant monitoring of the cell alignment



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We provide the following light beam solutions:

  • Infrared beam with high excess gains — range of over 213 m (700 ft)
  • Excellent applications where high sensing is required due to long range or inclement weather conditions
  • Excellent optical performance throughout measurement range
  • Easy two frequency selection to help prevent cross talk
  • Easy-to-read operating status indicators with bar graph displays
  • Various operation models available to suit your application


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