Equine Training

EQUIMETRE - a newly developed product that has revolutionised the equine training industry - offers a daily training regime that fits seemlessly into the lives of racing professionals. It provides detailed insight that is quickly understood and an integral component of thoroughbred training.


  • Analyse in real time the physical and physiological activity of racehorses during daily training routines
  • Complete insight into the horses health and performance levels
  • Improve the physical condition of horses and reduce the risk of injury
  • Reach each individuals horse maximum potential during training

For the trainer

    A daily insight for trainers, providing essential data for each horse in training and presented in an easy and intuitive, secure application.

  • Detailed overview for each horse with a secure interface
  • Stride length & sectional times measurements
  • Ability to review all training sessions and compare horses
  • Measures and records all training sessions
  • Fixed to the girth within seconds

For the owner

    Owners receive daily, weekly or monthly reports from their trainer through a dedicated secure application.

  • Progress updates from the training sessions
  • Trainers observations and assessment notes
  • Voice notes, photos and videos of training sessions

Equimetre device and features

The future in training